29 Sep

The current business enterprises are working in a highly competitive market, where they are conquering new innovations, driving service delivery further and increasing profitability is huge problems. Team members in these organizations use a system that is segregated for sales, project management, collaboration, and financial data when success in a competitive environment requires teaming around data potential.

Today, we are unveiling a new Dynamics 365 application that combines performance metrics to provide the insights, collaboration, and insights needed to drive success across teams, through expectations and cost-effectiveness. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Conner work Services connect your team from the beginning with job evaluation within an application to get more contracts, accelerate performance, empower users and raise huge profits. This application combines the current capabilities of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, Microsoft Project for web as well as project management with Dynamics 365 Finance into an unparalleled offering.

As we see tremendous growth in the service economy, combining these products is key to our vision. We are very excited about what the new Dynamics 365 Project Operations is providing to our customers who are looking for a solution that will also drive their business.

  • Leaders get business insights increasing visibility across all platforms, data and systems, as well as intelligence for better decision-making and business.
  • Sales is enabled to win more deals and accelerate the market with fast and accurate rates, constant rates and seamless turnaround from planning to destruction. Connect to Dynamics 365 Sales for complete customer relationship management.
  • Resourcing is setup to optimize resource utilization support the right people with the right credentials and the right work, improve the quality and help maintain the best results
  • Project managers can accelerate project delivery through an application manager that uses a familiar and easy-to-use Microsoft Project feature.
  • Team members can improve productivity, collaboration, and visibility by connecting Microsoft Teams, add time and expenses from anywhere.
  •  Finance can simplify project accounting with financial and time management and expenses, salaries, budgets, payments, financial awareness, acceptance and visibility within the corporate health system as a maximum and profit margin. Connect to Dynamics 365 Finance for complete financial management.

This new app builds on our in-depth experience with existing applications across all the working pillars of the company and the team. Using Microsoft Power Platform technology, we provide customers with an unparalleled licensing system that enables anyone to explore, implement and automate within their organization to transform their service business from scratch.

It is powerful in its own right, but will be expanded by our customers who need more services from Dynamics 365 including sales, finance, marketing, human resources, customer service and more. Whether you want the added functionality of another Dynamics 365 app or add apps powered by Microsoft Power Apps, everything works together and works as you expect because they have the same settings and security, privacy and acceptance this cloud - solution delivered.

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