02 Jul

With all of the strict safety regulations and social distancing, how can we still honor our loved ones properly?

This is an issue many funeral homes are asking themselves, faced with the challenge of forced innovation.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has its negative traits and unfortunate implications, we wish to see the bright side altogether. And that's why we're here to share with you the fantastic ways funeral homes are innovating and adapting their services in light of COVID-19.

Check out these six ways funeral homes are innovating and adapting below:

1. Getting Creative With the thought Of Long Distance Hugs

Milner & Orr's funeral parlor recognizes the challenges of being isolated, especially following the death of a loved one. Which is why they created the program "Hugs From Home." The program allows friends and family to write down a message of condolence for the grieving family, and Milner & Orr's funeral parlor will tie the message to a balloon that hangs in their funeral home. Each aircraft will represent the community members who cannot make it to the service, thanks to restrictions of COVID-19. Many funeral homes are taking a page out of their book, using this program in similar ways. We love seeing this type of innovation spread!

2. An Area To Grieve And Honor In Isolation

As a pillar of inspiration in their community, Unity within the Gold Country Spiritual Center often relies on in-person interactions to make a healing space for his or her members. However, thanks to social distancing rules, nobody is in a position to collect in-person. To honor those lost, they've created a Wall of Remembrance for everybody lost during the virus, so people can individually come to accept them, in their own time. Unity has also taped the faces of those within the community onto the chairs they typically sit in, so their presence remains, somehow, there.

3. Inviting The Community To Contribute To The Service Through Live Streaming Funerals

Although funeral webcasting has been around for several years, this service is gaining popularity due to its relevance to the days we're facing now. Below, within the video, one doctor describes his experience webcasting his father's funeral and how healing it had been for all.

4. Understanding The Importance Of Presence Through Video

Also, to live-stream funerals, churches, and funeral homes are opening up an area to interact with one another through video with video conference tools like Zoom. This tool allows participants to ascertain one another, almost like they're within the room together.

5. Tapping Into The New Art Of The Drive-Through Funeral

Usually, the thought of a drive-through funeral would appear creative at best, and creepy. Many funeral homes are using this innovative choice to offer friends & family of the departed to pay their respects while respecting federal social distancing regulations.

6. Offering a web Space For Postponed And Cancelled Services

For those that are opting to postpone or maybe cancel services, funeral homes in spartanburg sc around the country also are encouraging families to spark conversations through the loved one's tribute wall. It's effortless to access the tribute wall, which is correct on the loved one's obituary page. A tribute wall works very similar to a Facebook feed, giving the encompassing community a webspace to post photos, memories, videos, light a candle, and even purchase flowers and gifts in honor of the beloved.

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