12 May

When it comes to protecting your property with a specialised water mist pump that meets recognised and authorised industry standards, choosing IPH should be straightforward. Water Mist System's stylish small pump device has a monthly onboard self-test and manual test facility and may be connected directly to the mains water supply. The control board keeps track of the pumps and has fire and fault N/O and N/C relays for use with external devices (e.g. alarms and fire panels). 

Specifications & Features

Fire Resistance – The pump enclosure is now entirely made of steel, which provides fire protection as well as greater resistance to mechanical damage.

Serviceability – The new pump includes a detachable cover that allows the installation firm to replace and maintain the internal components in the field. Pumps may now be repaired on the spot rather than having to be sent to the manufacturer, which saves money on repeat trips.  

Integrated Inlet/Outlet Manifolds – The whole intake (strainer, low-pressure switch, actuated ball valve) and output (isolation valve, pressure gauge, drain valve) manifolds are now housed within the enclosure. No more tangled hoses and valves.  

No permanent drain required – The pump's operation no longer needs the provision of a permanent drain. 

Wall or floor mounting – The enclosure features a flat back that fits perfectly against a wall when installed on the floor or in a cabinet. The back of the chassis contains mounting holes for potential wall installation.

What is the working pressure of the Pump? Our pump's operating pressure may be changed between 10 and 100 bar to fit various nozzles that can be used to protect various applications. 

Low Standing Pressure – Instead of a pressure switch, the system now uses a flow switch. This means that the system will ultimately reach mains water pressure and will remain there indefinitely without requiring the pumps to operate. Previously, a tiny leak in the distribution pipes may cause the pumps to turn on at inconvenient times if there was a loss of pressure. The system is now set to mains water pressure and will not activate the pumps unless a considerable flow of more than 0.5 lpm is detected. 

Actuated ball valve – Previously, when the pump had completed its run period, the electricity to the pumps would be turned off, but the pumps might continue to work forever at mains water pressure. We've included an actuated ball valve that shuts off the water supply and the electricity to the pumps when the chosen run time has passed. 

Drip tray with float switch – During transport or installation, product damage is always possible. The installation of a drip tray and float switch within the base of the pump enclosure essentially eliminates the potential of property damage caused by internal components leaking. If water leaks from damaged components, the float switch will activate, closing the actuated ball valve and cutting off the water supply to the pump.  

Corrosion resistance – Internal pump components are now constructed of corrosion-resistant materials of the highest grade. 

Robust operation – There are no pressure relief or solenoid valves that lead to a permanent outflow. This eliminates any issues with debris behind the seals, which might result in a tiny amount of water escaping and pumps operating at inconvenient times. 

Adjustable pump run time – Depending on the system category, the pump runtime may be modified with a simple switch to 30 minutes (Residential) or 10 minutes (Domestic). 

Pre-action / Double Knock Operation – Any water-based fire suppression system faces the danger of unintended operation due to damage to piping or nozzles/sprinklers, whether unintentional or purposeful. The release of water has the potential to cause damage to the property that the system is designed to protect. 

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