20 Nov

There is a big difference in how different companies organize their files. Some never find anything, or if they do, it is after a great effort. Others, however, instantly locate a document that someone has requested from them even if that document was from several years ago.

Where is the difference?

It is in the way in which they have organized the archiving of their documents. It is, in short, a method problem. In any business, the first thing is to know where to store the documentation produced by the company. Thus, it is necessary to dedicate a place to deposit all the documents such as file cabinet folders. It does not matter if the company is big or small, cabinet folders are enough. The idea is that none of the documents can go missing once you have placed them well in distinctly designed portfolio file foldersIn this way, office documents are collected and traceable to be accounted for, processed, or filed.

TIP: If someone wants to take a document, it is advisable to deliver a photocopy. If you need the original, the photocopy is placed inside the file folder along with a sheet showing the person, date, and reason why the original was taken. This sheet must be signed by the person who has taken it. With this, in practice, many problems are avoided when it comes to important documents that do not appear: contracts, deeds, etc.

Below we describe how a cabinet file folder should be organized:

Make sure the documents are well kept in cabinet folders.

It is so that anyone can find them quickly and not only who has filed them. The first necessary thing is to have space for the archive and have as many archives as you need. You need a filing folder for everything: one for suppliers, another for customers, and another for received faxes, etc.

For example, if you have ten accounts in five banks, it is necessary to have a file folder design for each account. In this case, you will have ten cabinets for banks only.

On the back of each file folder, you will write what it is about: supplier invoices, customer invoices, taxes, payroll, social insurance, etc. At the end of each year, the documents of these temporary filing cabinets are removed, which remain empty to start the New Year, and are passed to definitive filing cabinets that are kept separately labeled.


Types of types of file folders

· Folders 

If you do not want to keep your documents for as long as in the previous case or simply want to avoid wrinkling or staining, plastic folders are the most appropriate option. With space for several pages and different sizes to choose from, they are one of the best options for all the information you have on paper to be protected. You can also use the folders both to have your reports sorted and to share information with other colleagues or even with your clients. They are one of the most elegant ways to send a statement, a budget, or a proposal to another person.

· Indexes and separators

Who said that with the filing cabinets, all the work was already done? If, in addition to having your paper documents organized, you want everything you keep easy to find for any employee, the indexes and separators are what you are looking for. Use them in filing cabinets, classifiers, or folders. You can separate different files with different colors and write down what kind of information each of the groups of portfolios different sections contains.


· Ring and rubber binders

Ring binders are an ideal complement. They are a perfect way to keep the office visually tidy and, in turn, have quick access to any information you have filed in them. Thanks to its rings, they will allow you to visualize every report you have stored.


· Filing cabinets

We have already talked about filing cabinets. These folders deserve a separate section, as they facilitate and allow you to store a more significant amount of documents. In our store, you can find the most classic cabinet folders you can opt for in different colors. The choice is yours.

· Files and file folders

Finally, file folders are essential in the offices. The fact is they look rectangular. You can find them in various sizes, and they are beneficial. Store personal data, bibliographic records, a summary of the data you need daily as separating indexes within another type of file cabinet.

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