13 Oct

It’s not only hearts that catch fire when experiencing a steamy romance, most of the time, it is buildings and peoples homes. As for buildings that are taller than 11 Metres, the United Kingdom’s Government has already decided to make mandatory the installation of fire suppression systems. But what fire suppression should you opt for, which is the most suitable for your building? Let’s start by looking at the law first, and then we will discuss why you need a water mist system, to be specific.

Law? What Law?

According to Fire and Rescue Incident Statistics, 528,601 cases were registered this past year. Even though it’s a 3% decrease compared to 2019, it is still a considerable number. To catch up with the problem of fire breakouts, the United Kingdom’s government decided to introduce a new law this past year, stating that each building that is higher than 11 Metres should have a fire suppression system. So now, if we are clear with that, we can move on to discussing the reasons why you should get a Water Mist System. 

Reasons To Get A Water Mist System.

Water Mist System Detects Heat.

 That’s one of the best things that it does. Instead of reacting to smoke, it detects fire through the heat. And so the advantage of that is that the fire is caught before it’s too late. This is how the water mist system takes care of the fire before it’s too late. The fire gets cut off at the early stage of its development, which is safe and unique at the same time. 

The Water Mist System Doesn’t Only Suppress Fire. It Also Suppresses The Smoke.

 Fire is not the only problem when the building is on fire. The smoke that it creates is also deadly on its own. So deadly that 30% of deaths in fire-related incidents are reported due to smoke inhallation. Smoke from a fire makes it hard to breathe. That’s why laying your head down to the floor in a burning room is a life-saving hack. This safety action keeps you breathing better than if you were standing. 

Fire Is Extinguished Without Drenching Your Stuff

 When a building is on fire, the fire itself is not the only pain that eats you as you watch the building. What also bugs you out, is that all of your stuff will be completely drenched from top to bottom, when the fire is settled. But with the water mist system, that is not the case. Water mists extinguish the fire without showering your stuff. So one of the strategies of water mist systems is to protect your possessions from getting burnt and wet at the same time. That may sound doubtfull, but that’s what the water mist system does. 

Water Mist System Is The Hottest Product To Cool Down The Temperature

 Water mist systems cool off the unbearable temperature that results from the fire breakout. Thus, the Water Mist System makes it easy for people to breathe appropriately and evacuate safely while the fire, smoke, and room temperature are being taken care of. 

Water Mist System Uses Water Efficiently

 The Water Mist System is all about using water efficiently to fight off the fire breakout situation. Just as the name suggests, it doesn’t utilize large amounts of water to handle the situation. And the best part about it is that the efficient use of water is not for the sake of efficiently using it. Instead, the primary goal is to save your stuff while fighting the smoke and the room temperature alongside. Water mist systems are a highly efficient product when it comes to managing the whole fire breakout situation. That’s because the system moves beyond just eliminating fire. Instead, it focuses on the further consequences it has created and aims to solve them. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

The government in the United Kingdom has decided to instruct all the concerned authorities of the buildings taller than 11 Metres to install a fire suppression system. However, there is not a single guarantee that exempt buildings lower than 11 Metres are not subject to fire breakouts. So it is highly recommended to get a suppression system installed regardless of the size of your building. So now, the question is, “What suppression system do you need or is best to install?” The answer to that is the Water Mist System. That is a cutting-edge technology when it comes to suppressing fires.

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