28 Jan

More people in the world envy people with a long and healthy life than the people living these lives. But you can always choose and become a part of the small group that has discovered the secret of happiness and longevity. 

The choice starts with accepting and realizing that it is possible to add years to life and add life to years at the same time. When you are open to the possibility of leading a healthy life for a long time, you find ways to make it possible. 

One of the secrets of longevity is the BMS model – Body, Mind, Spirit. The BMS model is a comprehensive view of living a balanced life in which all three aspects of the human being are given appropriate attention, nourished regularly and given the freedom to grow. 

The BMS model is discussed in length by Dr. Harris E. Phillip in his books. His recent book The Authorities: Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field explains the BMS model Dr. Harris Phillip learned from the inspirational life of his paternal grandmother. She lived over 115 years without getting seriously ill ever in her life until her last days when she went to the hospital for the first time. She had a BMI of 23 maintained throughout her life; she always kept her mind active and had an unyielding faith that blessed her with the will and power to go on. 

The BMS model can be understood by looking at each part separately: 


The human body is a magnificent machine that is self-managing and self-renewing. The only thing it requires is that it is treated with respect. Respect for the body means giving it a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding consuming products that adversely affect it. Perhaps indulging in junk food, factory-processed food cans, and a sugary diet harms the body more than the absence of healthy food in the diet plan. If you require supplements to get through the day, it means your body is too weak to operate on its own. But the human body is not built to survive on drugs or supplements; sooner or later, it will collapse. The only solution is to keep one's consumption natural, along with the physical movement to absorb maximum nutrition from the natural ingredients in the meals. 


The human mind is so complex that even humans have not understood it completely. But one thing is for sure; it can be programmed to think and believe what we want. If we convince ourselves that we can do something extraordinary like climbing Mount Everest, our mind will believe it and signal our body to build the muscles and bones required for the expedition. Many people have succeeded in incredible achievements because they believed they were possible. Even the impossible becomes a reality when our minds are put at work. The secret of long life is therefore rooted in optimism. The very belief that we can live a long and healthy life awards us the power to make it happen. When we take control of our mind, our body subordinates itself to us. 


Nobody in the world has led a life with no challenges. It's part of the deal of being born on the planet. We are equipped with our mind and body to face these challenges, but when the problems seem too big, and we see ourselves as too small, only our spirit backs us up. The spirit reminds us that we live in a world created by a power beyond everything. When we tap the connection to the divine, we can access power beyond our mind and body, and we can take on any issues with high spirits. 


The BMS – Body, Mind, Spirit – model is the formula to lead a balanced life with all three aspects of the human self being at peace and living to the fullest. Living with your body, mind, and spirit in the moment of now is the ultimate way to lead a long and healthy life.

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