11 Sep

Are you doing your research before purchasing new off-road vehicle lights for your UTV? Off-roading poses so much more of a challenge as compared to city driving, for a lot of reasons. Wet and muddy conditions are very challenging to handle, as is off-road driving in the desert. Steep inclines and rocky terrain present their own challenges. And, in case you often venture off the beaten path, you never know what sorts of conditions you might face.

Whatsoever it is, you have to be ready, to keep you, your passengers and your UTV safe and sound. In order to make the best possible selection without breaking the bank, the experts at Sector Seven have put together a simple buying guide to assist you in picking the perfect UTV lights and UTV Mirrors.

Types Of UTV Lighting

Lighting for UTV generally comes with one of three different kinds of bulbs: HIDs, halogens, or LEDs.

HIDs are also known as high-intensity discharge lights. HID lights are an upgrade from halogens, as they give improved brightness and efficiency along with a much longer predicted lifespan. However, because HID lights degrade with the passage of time, they are known for offering less light and becoming less efficient. Also, HID lights do not work well in all weather conditions, which could disturb your off-roading plans as well as the lifetime of your purchase.

Halogen lights are typically the least expensive option you will discover; however, these designs similarly have the shortest estimated life. Furthermore, halogen lamps do not give as much lighting as either HIDs or LIDs. As you need optimum visibility when you are off-roading, halogens are not the ideal choice for most customers.

LED is known as a light-emitting diode. Off-road LED light bar is more expensive than HIDs and halogens, but the bulbs create clear, bright illumination in almost all conditions. Furthermore, LED light bars are proven to be highly energy-efficient, and they can last up to four times longer as compared to HIDs. Also, LED UTV lights are much more long-lasting than other lighting choices – and most of the off-road vehicles require off-road LED light bars that will not fail in potentially dangerous situations.

In terms of visibility, brightness, longevity, efficiency, and durability, UTV LED lights to come out on top in each and every category. This also makes them extremely cost-efficient, as compared to other lighting options. For UTV lights, LED off-road lights are the superior choice. 

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