10 Aug

The secret to a good marriage is falling in love again and again, with the same person!  

You must have pondered over many bridal ceremony photos and are figuring out which style suits you -individually and as a couple: traditional, candid, or whatever the current trend is. Well, why not ditch all those and get creative? Whether it is engagement photos in Austin or wedding photographs, standing apart from the crowd is what makes these photos a hit. There are those photos that are the dream of every couple: the flowing robes, a stunning backdrop, the first looks. Getting creative with wedding photos will be unconventional, and your wedding 

album will set new standards, becoming the talk of the town.

These ‘creative’ shots can splice up your wedding album and blend nicely with the traditional ones, giving your photos an oomph factor. But it is recommended that a professional should shoot this Austin wedding since they know how to bring about ‘picture-perfect’ (excuse the pun!) results. So here are some ideas which you can try.

Across The Door

The bride and groom don’t always see each other before the ceremony, but there’s nothing stopping them from holding hands and expressing their yearning for each other through a door or an open window! Sometimes the whole picture isn’t necessary to get the message across, and this photo is an innovative concept that will portray your apprehension of seeing each other while respecting tradition.

A Secret Meet-Up

If you cannot hang on till the ceremony, then a secret meet-up it is! Arrange a sneak peek at your companion before the wedding, and your Austin wedding photographer will be there to capture this glorious stance for you. Capturing these raw emotions is what photographers live for, and we would love for you to have this moment eternally frozen in time and to be cherished forever.

Deploy The Silly Props

The props may seem cheesy, but they’re super fun, and they get unlimited likes on social media. Props can be included for your followers by giving them a glimpse into your fun side and how they, too, can get inspired. A silly and catchy caption will be the ideal cherry on top.


If you’re camera shy or generally shy, then candids are suited ideally to your personality. They have the ability to capture raw emotions and eliminate any need for poses. You can forget that the photographer is even present, or totally ignore the camera and just be! Candids remind you that nothing existed at that moment expect you two, and that’s what we want to preserve; your love for one another. With professional photographers by your side, you can be sure to get a lot of candids, and you can have your pick of the lot for your photo album.

That ‘aww’ Moment

The best resting place for any couple is their partner’s shoulder, and the best place to take that photo would be before a scenic backdrop where the world drops away and what remains is just you. You can customize this shot according to your comfort level, let him drape you over his shoulder, or sneak in a forehead kiss, or whatever comes naturally; we’re here for it all.

That Chaotic/Frenzy Illuminations

Your Austin wedding decorations and fireworks shouldn’t be for nothing. Using massive and vibrant fireworks to dramatize the wedding is an excellent idea for getting a fantastic photo. Imagine how dope it would look when you guys emerge from that chaos hand in hand.

The First Dance

The first dance as a newlywed couple is the most romantic moment ever in the history of weddings. There’s no right and wrong here; all you need to do is let loose and enjoy this moment because it will never be repeated.

It is truly an honor to photograph couples on their milestone events from engagements to weddings; we love them all! So get the best Austin wedding photographer that will provide the most affordable wedding albums that will be nothing less than a legacy for you and your future generations.

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